FRIDAY 19th - SUNDAY 21st JANUARY 2018

Great Hall, Alexandra Palace, London, N22 7AY

The South’s Major Showcase of Modelling...
Not to be Missed!

Specialist Suppliers


We are pleased to confirm the following trade exhibitors will be present at this years London Model Engineering Exhibition. Please note this is updated regularly as more exhibitors are confirmed and is subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.


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  • **All details below are 2017 Specialist Suppliers, 2018 will be updated in the Autumn of 2017.**

  • Abbots Model Engineering Stand/s: 73

    Home of battery electric locomotives, coaches and rolling stock.

  • Allendale Electronics Ltd Stand/s: 41

    Suppliers of Digital Readout equipment for machine tools and woodworking machinery.

  • Axminster Tools & Machinery Stand/s: 28+29

    Showcasing a cross section of the range.

  • BB Engineering Supplies Stand/s: 74 + 75

    General engineering supplies, vehicle machinery and components and storage boxes.

  • Beugler Paint Pinstriping Tools (S Gerber Ltd) Stand/s: E2

    Beugler paint pinstriping tools and accessories (from USA)

  • Blackgates Engineering Stand/s: 78+83

    Suppliers of drawings castings, tools and materials for the most popular designs. Now incorporating drawings and castings formally available from Normal Spink, Dave Goodwin and Michael Breeze including 3 1/2" `Britannia' 5" Jubilee', 5" Evening Star and many 5" LNER designs all exclusive to Blackgates. Also specialising in boiler materials kits and completed boilers for over 200 designs, including locomotives in 31/2", 5" and 7 1/4" gauge and traction engines in 1" and 1 1/2" and 2" scales. New additions to the range include 3 12" flying Scotsman, 3" King, 5" Enterprise, 5" Jinty, 5" Black 5, 7 1/4" Dart and 7 1/4" `Wenford'.

  • Century UK Stand/s: 126+127

  • Chalk Garden Rail Stand/s: 23

    Suppliers of large scale model railway goods. Agents for LGB warranty repairs in the UK also LGB repairs and servicing.

  • Chester Machine Tools Stand/s: 32+33

    Chester Machine Tools, suppliers of machine tools and accessories to the Model Engineer for over 20 years. We offer a comprehensive and affordable range of Lathes, Mills, Drills, Saws and much more.

  • Chiltern Model Steam Engines Stand/s: E3

    Chiltern Model Steam provides a range of model (miniature) steam engine kits, fully machined, that can easily be assembled into fine examples of the sort of engineering that powered the industrial revolution.

  • College Engineering Supply Stand/s: 19+20

    We supply an extensive range of useful castings together with materials e.g. Cast Iron, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium and other Non Ferrous Metals, Plastics, Easy Cutting Foam, Waxes, etc.

  • Ltd Stand/s: 112a+113+114

    Rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, cable, connectors, Fibre optic, LED lighting.

  • Converter King Limited Stand/s: 15

    Converters- converting single phase 230v 50HZ to three phase 415V 50HZ and variable drivers to vary speed. 3 phase motors from a single 230v 50HZ supply.

  • CuP Alloys (Metal Joining) Limited Stand/s: 5

    CuP Alloys the specialist in the field of silver soldering and brazing. Whatever your metal joining requirements are, CuP Alloys have the solder to suit in the form and quantities you require. Silver content 0 - 56%, rods 1.0 - 2.5mm dia, wires 0.5 - 1.0mm, pastes, rings, foil. It's all there. Every pack is clearly labelled and certificated. Sound technical advice is readily available to ensure you produce sound strong leak-free joints.

  • DA & BE Murkin Stand/s: 80

    Flexidisc sander / grinder Gives a superb finish on wood, metal, fibreglass, car body filler and all hard materials. Its fast rotation speed achieves sensational results in a fraction of the time normally taken by conventional sanders. This versatile tool also sharpens chisels, plane blades, lathe tools, axes and garden tools without the rapid overheating of normal abrasive wheels.

  • De Agostini Modelspace Stand/s: 30+35

    A unique range of high quality scale models.

  • EMS (International) Ltd Stand/s: 76

    Machine tool measurement systems.

  • Engineering In Miniature Stand/s: 6

    THE Magazine for Model Engineers Launched in 1979, Engineering in Miniature has established a reputation for its quality of articles and drawings and is highly respected for its technical content. Published monthly it features construction articles on all aspects of model engineering. These articles describe the construction of scale model locomotives, steam road vehicles, stationary, marine, petrol and hot air engines, clocks plus of course numerous model engineer workshop projects, tooling and machinery.

  • FiveStar/Starloc Adhesives Stand/s: 61

    UK Manufacturers of quality industrial, model, hobby, home care and DIY adhesives plus associated accessory products. Threadlock, Retainer, bearing fit products, structural acrylic and methacrylate super strength adhesives, InstaTite cyanoacrylate adhesives, Flexible cyanoacrylate / superglues , Aliphatic resin glue, Fillers, Epoxy resin adhesives in a range of cure speeds, superglue activators and debonders, contact glues, cellulose dopes, clear set window glues Polystyrene foam glues, Industrial and specialist model and hobby glues. Glues to bond anything! All metals, woods, plastics, ceramics, leather, rubber, gaskets, grp etc. FiveStar Starloc adhesives have been manufacturing quality adhesive products for over 25 years, we are now the largest specialist adhesives manufacturer in Europe if not the world!, running from around 6 acres of industrial production facilities across Europe in 4 locations, in the UK, Bulgaria and Czech Republic. We also produce a wide range of accessory products, applicators, needle tip bottles, spare caps and nozzles, adhesive remover liquids, gels and wipes, accelerator products to speed cure.

  • Greenwood Tools Ltd Stand/s: 12

    This year the Machining Specialists will once again be on hand to give advice on all aspects of machining. Whether it be turning, boring, milling or drilling, talk to the experts on our stand. As usual, the buying power of Greenwood Tools Ltd will ensure that most tools will be at very special offer prices, and spare inserts will be available in abundance.

  • Hafixs Professional Glue Stand/s: 17

    HAFIXS.......The High Performance Glue with a long shelf life. It is economical to use and has remarkable strength. You may only need a few drops of HAFIXS and a few seconds. It resists water, oil, grease, alcohol and will support temperatures. Ideal for hobbies, crafts and all repairs. It can be used with most materials. One glue to glue everything.

  • HJH Tooling Ltd Stand/s: 18

    New and Used engineering tools and equipment.

    Web: n/a

  • Home and Workshop Machinery Stand/s: 72+77

    Home and Workshop Machinery’ have a selection of Myford lathes, milling machines and a wide selection of genuine lightly used machine accessories, tools, measuring equipment, which is really just a very small example of their vast stocks back at Sidcup, Kent.

  • Howes Models Ltd Stand/s: 8+ 9

    Model Boats, kits, radios and all accessories.

  • J B Cutting Tools Stand/s: 24 - 26

    J B Cutting Tools will be displaying a larger range of top quality turning and milling tools for the model engineer. New on sale this year is a 2mm wide parting off system, ideal for the smaller lathe. We will have a large selection of solid carbide milling cutters. As always we have a comprehensive stock of carbide inserts at competitive prices.

  • M A Tooling Stand/s: 100+101

  • Microaces Stand/s: 89

    Micro model kit manufactuers.

  • Mycrocam Stand/s: 27

    Action camera, dashcams and IP cameras

  • Myford Ltd Stand/s: 66+67

    Myford Lathes and Spares built and made in the UK.

  • Noggin End Metals Stand/s: 90

    Engineering metals and plastics.

  • Peak Tools Stand/s: 93-95

  • Perma-Grit & Alutight Stand/s: 92

    Perma-Grit design and manufacture Tungsten Carbide grit abrasive tools for the Performance Car, Boat and Aircraft market.

  • Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd Stand/s: 13+14

    Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd are the best and most accurate railway colours available. Our materials can be used on the smallest of scale models right up to full size steam locos. We are pleased to have provided the paint for 'Leander' as well as many other well known locos.

  • Pitch Stars Ltd Stand/s: 84

    Miracle Shammy

  • Polly Model Engineering Ltd Stand/s: 46-48

    Manufacturers of the Polly range of kitbuilt locos and riding trucks, renowned for their ease of build and reliable performance. Polly is also a leading supplier to the model engineer, with a comprehensive range of steam fittings, accessories, materials, tools and books. A wide range of stationary engine model kits are available, including the famous Stuart Models and the fascinating scale models designed by Anthony Mount. A growing range of fine scale locomotive models including exclusive designs for Highland and Great Western locos in 5" gauge from Neville Evans and the 71/4" gauge Collett Goods designed in collaboration with Dave Aitken.

  • Pop Pop Steam Boats Stand/s: E8

  • Portsonachan Hotel Stand/s: 16

    Short breaks to our Lochside Hotel in Argyll.

  • Power Capacitors Ltd Stand/s: E1

    BRITAIN'S FAVOURITE PHASE CONVERTERS. Power Capacitors Limited will be exhibiting TRANSWAVE converters and IMO Inverters for the operation of equipment driven by the three phase motors where only a single phase electricity supply is available.

  • Process Flows Stand/s: 87

    CAD software.

  • RCheliGuru RCdroneGURI Stand/s: 51

  • RDG Tools Ltd Stand/s: 36-39, 40, 45

    RDG Tools have opened a comprehensive website containing all top quality tooling and machine accessories. You can contact us direct either by phone or email. We are one of the country‘s largest suppliers of new and used model engineering tools



  • RSPB Stand/s: 55

  • S & M Tools Stand/s: 10+11

    S & M TOOLS is a Shop selling wide selection of Precision Hand Tools, Drills & Accessories, Magnifying Lamps and Lights for Engineering, Hobbyist, Jeweller's and Model Makers.

  • Solder Connection Stand/s: E5

    Aiming to be a one-stop shop for all soldering requirements, Solder Connection manufacture and distribute a range of high quality industrial products, including Solder Wire, Solder Paints and Soldering Fluxes, alongside consumables such as De-Soldering Braid, Bench matting and Tape.

  • Sole Mates Stand/s: E7

    Liquid orthotic insoles.

  • Stuart Models (UK) Ltd Stand/s: 58+59

    Stuart Models are the oldest company in the world still producing a range of model steam engines. The business was established in 1898 with the founding principals of quality, service and commitment which have, to this very day, remained unchanged. Whether you are a modeller, a collector or simply some one with an eye for quality, we hope you will enjoy looking at our range at the exhibition and we can be of assistance.

  • TEE Publishing Ltd Stand/s: 1+2

    TEE Publishing – Specialist Publishers of Technical and Modelling Books. As always TEE Publishing will be offering a comprehensive range of books on Model Engineering, Workshops, Lathe Work and Boiler making and other related subjects. Also on sale will be their popular magazine ‘Engineering in Miniature’. In addition to the current issues, a full range of back issues of the magazine will be available together with bound volumes and binders.

  • The Craftlight Company Ltd Stand/s: E4

    Innovative lighting solution for the model engineers and crafters along with magnification and visual aids.

  • The LMS-Patriot Project Stand/s: 68

    Selling "The Unknown Warrior" branded items.

  • The Surplus Trader Stand/s: 44

  • THREEDY 3d Printers Stand/s: 52

    High quality reliable British designed & manufactured 3D Printers. Initially designed to manufacture intricate puzzles, THREEDY printers are fantastic for printing models. Lots of support offered.

  • Tools 2000 Stand/s: 21+22

    Huge range of tools etc. for modelling and crafts. All at very competitive prices and many "show specials".

  • Toolstop Stand/s: 122-125

    A comprehensive range of expo tools products.

  • Tracy Tools Ltd Stand/s: 96-98

    All sizes of taps and dies, in standard and special threads, at sensible prices. Exhibition items include reamers, end mills, drill sets, chasers, countersinks, spotfacers, dovetail & Woodruffe cutters, knurls, socket reamers, slitting saws, digital calipers, revolving centres and all sizes of individual drills.

  • Traplet Publications Ltd - Marine Modelling International Stand/s: 49+50

  • Triple X Trading Stand/s: 99

    Drill bits and accessories.

  • Turbotrade UK Stand/s: 60

    Stainless steel fasteners and engineering tools and accessories.

  • View Models Stand/s: 81

    Traders in live steam models of locomotives and traction engines in the model engineering scale.

  • Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers Stand/s: 91

    Walker Midgley have a wide range of specially written policies providing cover for all modellers and model engineers regardless of club/society membership or affiliation. Cover is available for individuals and for clubs and societies and extends to include all aspects of modelling including miniature road vehicles, model aircraft, model boats and model railways including commercial miniature railways up to 2ft gauge. In addition to the range of policies for modellers cover is also available for Stationary Engines, Memorabilia & Collectables, Vintage Tractors and full size Traction Engines, Motor Rollers and Steam Cars.

  • Warren Machine Tools Stand/s: 102-109

    Warco will exhibit most of their ever expanding range of lathes, mills, drills and bandsaws. Together with the machine tool range there will be a huge selection of associated tooling including vices which are unique to Warco, rotary tables and all manner of workshop equipment. WARCO will have a new product on show at Alexandra Palace. The Vertical Milling Slide - Lathe Tool Post and optional vice This ingenious design will allow milling on smaller lathes with the vertical slide being held in the lathe tool post. If the tool post is an indexing four way type, the vertical side can be rotated in a vertical plane to allow access to the side of the work piece - this will of course depend on the cross slide travel. Cast iron construction with a black wrinkle finish. The optional vice has two vertical tee slots to accommodate a work piece. The option milling slide vice is ground on all faces, with horizontal and vertical vees in the moving jaw. Width 50mm Length 90mm. Jaw opening 46mm. Supplies with 4 allen screws and tee nuts. Warco will also be exhibiting their new WM12 mill and a range of digital readouts and scales, suitable for smaller machines, for customer fitting.

  • Whotzhot Ltd Stand/s: 54

  • Woodland Trust Stand/s: E6